Jaw boxes for carusel RSVS-T

Carusel jaw boxes RSVS-T are more robust and stronger alternative for RSVS jaw box. The inner component are reinforced in order to achieve clamping force more then 100000N in case of maximum tightening torque 1500 Nm. The minimum are, which we are able to RSVS-T offer you, is T-groove pitch 170mm. As like as RSVS line, the body of jaw boxes with locking tools are manufacturing on order due to rotating table dimension of your machine. So it do not mind if the pitch of T-nuts are 180, 200 or 250 mm, we are able to deliver the stronger line of jaw boxes RSVS-T for any pitch, which are larger then 170mm.

The bottom side of jaq boxes are fitted by locking tools. Before clamping of workpiece is very important to assure, that jaw box are locked carefully on table by every 6 screws. The main locking screw is fitted by hexagon 32mm for clamping key. Clamping stroke is 110 mm. We recommend to tight everyone jaw box only one tightening torque by torque wrench. The market of torque wrench are saturated, so it is not included in consignment, we are not manufacturing them.

We usually deliver jaw boxes with hard jaws, all locking tools, the upper sliding plates, which can be used like a support pad of workpiece. We are able to deliver also untypical performance of hard jaws under your requirements. The hard jaw are suitable for forcing clamping by rough semiproduct. This jaw has very hard tooth system, which are strongly fixed onto workpiece. On the other hand, you can achieve high-quality results in field of roundness and low deformation of annular parts, with using of soft jaws. For good results in clamping field also benefits the precise jaws fit in our jaw boxes and choosing high-quality materials for long-live and reliabilty.




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