Jaw boxes for carusel RSVS - S

Recently we produce types of jaw boxes where the number in the jaw box marking indicates the table groove pitch size (or that of the face plate) of the lathe for the jaw box clamping.

Jaw boxes for vertical lathes (vertical turret lathes)

Jaw boxes for horizontal lathes:

All of these jaw boxes are characterized by an easy exchange of jaws with the possibility of the jaw rapid protruding or swiveling. Hard jaws are supplied together with the jaw box as standard. Their features include grooving of clamping surfaces and their high surface hardness to guarantee a stronger and more reliable clamping, and at the same time, also a long-term service life of the jaw.

Soft jaws, on the contrary, are used to turn any diameter and to clamp accurately, especially the parts where it is necessary to compensate their ovality in a sensitive way. The jaw boxes have a reduced space around the screw to facilitate cleaning. The screw is case-hardened, its surface hardness thus exceeds 60 HRC, so that its long lifetime is guaranteed. Clamping, operating, and handling these jaw boxes is quick and easy, which reduces the machine setting up time.

On the client´ s request, we can also create jaw box series of other dimensions rapidly (for different table groove pitches). Maximum admissible vice torque is 500 Nm, while the vice acts with force of 60 kN at that torque (according to the tests made at the TOSHULIN company).

In addition to the standard hard and soft jaws, we also offer a possibility of producing special, untypical jaws in compliance with the client´ s requirements.

With a specific type of clamping by means of a reduction plate we are able to solve the situation when it is not possible to eliminate the part ovality using a standard hydraulic chuck, because all clamping jaws grip concentrically (two opposite pairs of jaws cannot be clamped independently of each other).
By means of the reduction plate it is possible to clamp the KASTR RSVS 125 jaw box directly on the hydraulically controlled chuck slider so that the oval part clamping can be manually adjusted.





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