Clamping devices KASTR

With the increasing demands of the accuracy and precision of the machined products we have begun being confronted with a problem of insufficient possibilities of clamping in the conventional types of vices. That is why we have started developing clamping systems of our own, which would provide us with a wider range of options. The clamps developed in our company have been tested in our own manufacturing process and improved so that they could become perfect mates in the field of machining.

Centric clamp KASTR CU-T 77

Centric clamp KASTR CU-T 77 Centric clamp KASTR CU-T 77 Centric clamp KASTR CU-T 77 - clamping torque Centric clamp KASTR CU-T 77 - clamping force

Centric clamps with hard jaws suitable for 4-axis and 5 axis milling and turning, but also suitable for 3-axis CNC machine. It has been primary developed for clamping by 3 mm. Clamping torwue 200Nm a clamping force 40 000 N .

RSVS jaw boxes

Jaw boxes for vertical and horizontal machine

We are manufacturing large range of jaw boxes for carusels machine. Our jaw boxes are suitable for small, middle, but also for large lathes.

Multi-clamping system MU7

Multiple clamps MU 7 have been developed for clamping of semi-products on vertical and horizontal machining centers, and their application may be even more varied. They enable to clamp on 3 mm in hard jaws, and in comparison with standard vices, it is possible to clamp more workpieces and to make a better use of the machine space.


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