RSVS-MINI for vertical lathe

Our RSVS-MINI represent handy alternative for small vertical lathes and machining centers with a rotating table where any larger types of vices would occupy unnecessarily much space. The use of these clamps does not only consist in the clamping on the rotating tables. They are small, light, nevertheless sufficiently powerful, so that they represent an excellent alternative for clamping elements of various fixtures for welding, machining, levelling, etc. They replace various types of side clamps in an excellent way. They are often used as a pressing element when it is necessary to press the workpiece towards a reference surface or a reference point of the fixture. In comparison with the traditional clamps it is possible to make use of a pneumatic or accumulator tightening tool, so that the RSVS-MINI will be appreciated by tool setters and machine operators. The vertical turret lathe vice combined with small dimensions represent an ideal clamp with a wide range of use for your demanding clamping applications!
RSVS - MINI jaw boxes RSVS - MINI jaw boxes RSVS - MINI jaw boxes

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